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2023 memories 

Explore the moments that define our mission and the vibrant community that drives it. Our gallery showcases this year 2023 the heart and soul of Floración Foundation, capturing the essence of our projects, partnerships, and the positive changes we bring to El Salvador.



Tech Talks

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Social Impact

Transform Conference 
 Jan 13th 2023

A conference to promote innovation, education & community in the heart of El Salvador. Led by global tech leaders and worship leaders.

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Concert of Nations

July  4th 2023

Singers and musicians from Austria, Ethiopia, Germany, and the United States joined Salvadoran musicians online to create a musical moment of thanksgiving and praise to El Salvador.

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Tech Talks

The Foundation has followed up by giving tech presos at Salvadoran universities. We provide a variety of talks at different Universities such as Don Bosco, Universidad Gerardo Barrios, Universidad Tecnologica, Universidad Dr. Jose Matias Delgado, USAM, and UNIVO. 

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Social Impact

From Helping with Bikes to an Island, providing food to Colonia Iberia, Visit the Zaragoza Orphanage, and providing a Christmas Party to the Kids of Caluco

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