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Bringing Hope and Creativity to Salvadoran Communities

In our commitment to integrating the young generation into a peaceful society and providing hope for a future apart from gangs, we have successfully launched our scholarship and art campaing this year.

This initiatives marks the formation of a project that will provide individual, familial, and community development for Salvadorans.

Creative Hubs

The creative hubs will be spaces within the most needy and vulnerable communities that lack access to opportunities for personal and social development. Often, these are communities formerly dominated by gangs, where many children have close relatives in jail. Check out here Maria´s story

Our target group includes school-age children in need of educational support, young people seeking technical and vocational training, and families requiring assistance to improve their quality of life.

Our mission is to create opportunities for individual, family, and community development, contributing to the prevention of violence and the holistic development of human potential.

A Holistic Approach to Development

The culture within the creative hubs is integral and distributed across four axes:

  • Knowledge - General education and personalized life lessons.

  • Knowing How to Be - Academic cultivation of humanism and art with a personal and free choice.

  • Know How - Development for life and the world of work.

  • Knowing How to Conceive - Training for sociability based on dignity, rights, and values.

Functionality and Collaboration

The functionality of the creative centers will be developed through the participation of national and international collaborators. We aim to collaborate with community leaders and initiatives to enhance educational support, technical and professional training, reading times, sports and recreational activities, art, culture, training, and information and communication technologies.

To improve the quality of life, we will create alliances to improve housing, food, and raise funds for clean water projects in coordination with the Salvadoran Water Authority (ASA).


We recognize that everyone is important and that together, we have more ideas, more strength, and can achieve more. We invite you to consider an active cooperation.

  • Individuals Do you want to contribute your talent to Floración Foundation?

  • Entrepreneurs Want to plan your individual social project and positively change your business environment?

  • Students Want to use your study time wisely? Have a social and sustainable project idea for your thesis?

  • Universities Want to positively impact your university environment and get involved in social projects? Have professional equipment for social projects?

  • Creatives Passionately creative and want to support others with your talent? Have artistic ideas to highlight emergency situations?

  • Technicians Technically gifted and want to support our projects? Have camera, light, or other equipment to provide?

Join Us in Making a Difference

Our foundation relies on donations.

To support us financially, you con do it here 

If you need a donation receipt, contact us

Together, we can do great things and create a brighter future for Salvadoran communities.

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